Trowel from the Great Wall


Great Wall of China


Ancient Trowel


Removes enemies from the area whilst creating a large, invisible barrier between them and the trowel.


The barrier cuts through almost anything while forming and is not entirely indestructible.


Stabbing the trowel into the ground

Collected by

Agents Draco, Rependata and Old Bone







Date of Collection




During the 14th century, The Great Wall of China was erected along China's border to keep out nomadic tribes that may attempt to take the country. Unlike previous attempts at walls, the Great wall was constructed from stone blocks instead of packed earth. The build was an arduous task and many laborers died during construction. It is believed this trowel was used by a worker at the time, wether it was born from the joy of a finished job or the sorrow of death before completion is not known, but the effect is certainly tremendous.


When the trowel is plunged into the earth, two effects take place. First, all entities who wish the user harm are forcibly expelled from the area by what is reported as a strong wind. Second, a large barrier is formed surrounding or completely emcompassing the location. This barrier appears instantly, and will bisect any physical object to form itself wholly. Though the barrier is visible briefly after materialisation, it quickly fades and becomes invisible. 

Though strong, the barrier is not invincible and can be broken with enough force. Tests done indicate the barrier is about as strong as the wall itself. Once broken, the whole barrier dissapates and the trowel is considered 'neutralized'. The barrier does not root itself, and can be easily burrowed under.


Whilst investigating the estate of Mrs. von Dichi, agents Aden TaylorBri Rependata and Old Bone were taken by surprise when Mrs. Dichi used the artifact to create a barrier around her property for long enough to gather her belongings and flee. With the assistance of agents Felix Draco and Sandy Calecer, the barrier was brought down with the use of three artifact bows. The trowel was collected for later storage as Agent Rependata found a clue to Mrs. von Dichi's next location, a pair of sapphire earrings.

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