From the time when Rod Serling wrote his famed anthology series The Twilight Zone in the late 1950s, it would grow to five seasons and multiple reboots, featuring many up and coming stars and twist endings. It boasted famous episodes showcasing human thought, idiosyncrasies and nature, diving into issues over race, government, war, society, reality and other aspects of human nature. He portrayed morally challenging dilemmas in the guise of science fiction and fantasy so audiences and networking would not be offended by and cancel the series.

What many did not know was that Rod knew about artifacts and the Warehouse. He previously saw the usage of artifacts several times during his life and even helped Warehouse agents successfully retrieve an artifact when a mission went south. In gratitude, and knowing they could trust him with a secret or two, they showed Rod the Warehouse itself. Rod swore to never reveal the information until he proposed an idea to the Regents in the late 1950s.

Serling had seen multiple nefarious uses for artifacts before and after the Warehouse and proposed a way to indirectly inform the public about artifact properties, examples and effects. Noticing the seemingly increased post war spike in artifact activity coupled with the worldwide nuclear paranoia, the Regents sanctioned and funded his plan. His show, The Twilight Zone, was born, basing scenes and episodes off of artifact properties and altering them into stories to make them too hard for Warehouse enemies to recognize.

When the show was cancelled, it was due to increasing pressure from outside enemy forces. It was revived in the 80s to help act as an artifact deterrent during the Cold War; its return in the early 2000s was precipitated by increased terror attacks. The show was not a failure or disappointment in Warehouse terms, as it subliminally showed many people the dangers of artifacts, helped track down many tricky and elusive artifacts and even educated the people on morality.

More so, some props on the show became so iconic or infused with abnormal energy that they too became artifacts. Those artifacts are, for the most part, stored together in the television sector.


Artifacts From the ShowEdit