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Here I'll be listing the unmade artifacts that were made by specific users and which are free, so nobody gets confused over who made what. Whenever you create an artifact from the list, please remove it so nobody creates a double. If you want to lay claim to any artifact, please do so only if you have an effect for it that you can create a page for, in detail. Otherwise, you're hogging the artifact that someone may have a brilliant idea for. Any ideas that you want to discuss write in the comments section.(Yes, I know there's a blog for this. I realized it would be easier for everyone to edit instead of just me. When this page reaches its end, it will be deleted in celebration!)


His artifacts are present on the main and rp wikis.They have been subdivided between those with effects and those lacking. If an artifact is available, feel free to make your own and claim the artifact as yours, while I will be creating the artifacts with effects. Do not copy titles from here, as misspellings are rampant; use the main list instead.

Possess Effects

  1. C.S. Lewis' Tie
  2. Charles Richter’s Seismograph
  3. Clyde Barrow's B.A.R. Machine Gun
  4. Davy Jones' Locker
  5. Fiorello La Guardia's Sledgehammer
  6. Hephaestus' Anvil
  7. Jackie Robinson's Baseball
  8. Jimi Hendrix's First Electrical Guitar
  9. Josephus' Papyrus
  10. Leo Tolstoy's Globe
  11. Nicolaus Copernicus' Planetary Models
  12. Oliver Cromwell's Breast Plate
  13. Oliver LeVasseur's Sword
  14. Rudyard Kipling's Rickshaw


Includes some artifacts without effects, ones that were never added to the list or whose original properties were not up to snuff. It is your decision who to credit with its creation.

  1. Achilles' Sandal
  2. Antipater's Helmet
  3. Boudica's Helmet
  4. Charles Babbage's Original Computer
  5. Charles Martel's Stirrup
  6. Clipped Wings of Pegasus
  7. Color Wheel
  8. Dorothy Arnold's Bonnet
  9. Edwin Binney's Candles
  10. Francisco Goya's Palette Knife
  11. Franz Kafka's Bed Springs
  12. Galileo Galilei's Astrolabe
  13. Gilbert Vernam's Paper Tape
  14. Henry David Thoreau's Spade
  15. Henry VIII of England's Wedding Ring
  16. Hermes' Talaria
  17. Hero and Leander's Lamp
  18. Horus’ Boat
  19. Icarus' Chains
  20. Jessie James' Saddle
  21. Jethro Tull's Hoe
  22. John Cabot's Map
  23. John Langdon Down's Hat
  24. John von Neumann's Abacus
  25. John Walker's Walking Stick
  26. Joseph Stalin's Moustache Cream
  27. Lazarus of Bethany's Grave Clothes
  28. Lon Chanley Jr.'s Make-Up Kit
  29. Lorand Eotvos' Balance Scales
  30. Mandala Tapestry
  31. Margaret Hughes' Stage Dress
  32. Mary I of England's Dress
  33. Maurice de Sully's Three Gargoyle Statues
  34. Maurice Koechlin's Original Eiffel Tower Model
  35. Mordecai Kaplan's Torah
  36. Original Magna Carta
  37. Pellegrino Ernetti's Chronovisor
  38. Persephone's Pomegranate Seeds
  39. Phil Connor's Radio Alarm Clock
  40. Pope Urban II's Robe
  41. Raphael's Blank Canvas
  42. René Descartes' Drafting Quill
  43. Richard Trevithick's Iron Rails
  44. Robert Hooke's Mirrors
  45. Robert R. Montgomery's Flyswatter
  46. Roll of Pennies
  47. Rosa Parks' Bus Seat
  48. Sandbags from the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927
  49. Sher Shah Suri's Helmet
  50. Sodom Salt Stones
  51. Sputnik's Antenna
  52. Statues from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
  53. Steve Jobs' Hard Drive
  54. T.E. Lawrence's Motorcycle
  55. Theodore Roosevelt's Glasses
  56. Thomas Jefferson's Wig
  57. Tod Sloan's Boots
  58. Tommy Johnson's Guitar
  59. Victor Fleming's Clapperboard
  60. Voltiare's Cello
  61. W.W. Jacob's Tea Kettle
  62. Walt Whitman's Chalkboard and Chalk
  63. Whaling Station Camp
  64. William Oughtred's Slide Ruler
  65. Zodiac Killer's Cryptogram


These artifacts were never previously on the main list. They do not have to be created if nobody wants to. If a general vote says no to the artifact, it will be removed.

  1. Artie's O.I.L. Gun
  2. Augustus' Amulet
  3. Carl Sagan's Molecular Distortion Device and Demolecular Solution Fluid
  4. Charles M. Schulz's Airbrush
  5. Cuff of Anubis
  6. H.P. Lovecraft's Book
  7. Jimi Hendrix's First Electrical Guitar
  8. Nemean Lion Pelt
  9. Pablo Picasso's Chisel
  10. Randolph McCoy's Spittoon
  11. Saddam Hussein's Beret
  12. School of Salmon
  13. Statue of Euryale
  14. Stephen Perry's Rubberbands
  15. Tex Avery's Glasses
  16. Valentino Liberace's Microphone
  17. William Lindbergh’s Baby Shoes


Many of these artifacts were added to new sections to provide them with inventory and no effect was ever stated. Others were added in directly to the main list, and many more were name dropped like in the show. (There are likely more that I missed). Due to lengthy histories of the pages I would have to scroll through to find the original creator and my willingness not to do anything remotely like that again, all these artifacts are up for grabs. However, I likely may have misplaced some into this category, so do a quick search through the site to see whether a creator can be easily discerned. If not, the bounty is yours for the taking. And if multiple people have effects for the same artifact, debate it out and either choose one or cherrypick from each version. (P.S. the ones with a / at the end are my artifacts, I just never came up with effects for them).

  1. Wings Oscar Award
  2. Hang Nelson Mandela' Posters
  3. 'Honey Do You Love Me?' Pin
  4. "Miami Zombie" Rudy Eugene's Bible
  5. "The Thing" Transmitter /
  6. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter's Woodcutting Axe
  7. Alexander Litvinenko's Tea Pot
  8. Annie Edson Taylor's Barrel (canon)
  9. Ashley "Ash" William's Double-Barrel "Boomstick"
  10. Billy Loomis' Cell Phone
  11. Blå Jungfrun Labyrinth
  12. Blue Suede Shoes
  13. Bran the Blessed's Cauldron /
  14. Bruan Couple's Flying Knives
  15. Bryce Dion's Headphones
  16. Buddy's Leash & Collar
  17. Carl Barks' Animation Cels
  18. Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson's '58 Ford Thunderbird
  19. Charles Baudelaire's Second Volume of Les Fleurs du mal
  20. Charles Hanson's Rocking Horse
  21. Charles Peace's Gold Pocketwatch
  22. Charlton Heston's Rifle
  23. Charred Crane from the Greene County Oil Well Fire
  24. Chuck Jones' Glasses
  25. Chucky Doll
  26. Chung Ling Foo’s Bowl
  27. Clarisse La Rue's Electric Spear
  28. Clark Wiley's Cage
  29. Claude Alexander Conlin’s Crystal Ball
  30. Claude Shannon's Chess Board
  31. Colonel Sanders' Suit
  32. Color Wheel
  33. Complete Encyclopedia Brittanica, Circa 1966 (canon)
  34. Cotton Swab from the Phantom of Heilbronn
  35. Crystal Skull
  36. Cuchulainn's Post /
  37. Currier & Ives Advent Calendar (canon)
  38. Dagda's Club
  39. Daimler Reitwagen /
  40. Dalek Costumes
  41. Dan Rowan and Dick Martin's Suits
  42. Dana Scully's F.B.I Badge
  43. Dana Scully's Glasses
  44. David Boreanaz/Angel's Leather Jacket
  45. Delphine LaLaurie's Whip
  46. Dmitry Kabalevsky's Bust of Lenin (canon)
  47. Dmitry Pozharsky's Helmet
  48. Dominic Cobb's Top
  49. Donn Beach's Cocktail Umbrella
  50. Dovahkiin Helm
  51. Dr. John Crawley's Painting
  52. Durham Cathedral Door Knocker
  53. Dybbuk Wine Cabinet
  54. Edward Jenner's Syringe /
  55. Elsa Gidlow's Locket
  56. Elsie Mitchell's Picnic Basket
  57. Elvis Presley's Lost Guitar
  58. Ember McClain's Guitar
  59. Emerald Necklace
  60. Emma Smith's Gown
  61. Ernest Vincent Wright's Dictionary
  62. Eskimo Spears
  63. Etta James' Microphone
  64. Evelyn Nesbitt's Rings
  65. Fear Factor' Camera
  66. Feline Scratching Post
  67. Fénix 2 Capsule
  68. Ferruccio Lamborghini's Tractor
  69. Fine China Set
  70. Flask of Brandy from Edward Russell's 1694 Officer Party
  71. Flight 180's Rudder
  72. Florence Nightingale's Lamp
  73. Foghorn from the Mikula Selianinovich
  74. Fort Sumter Cannon Ball
  75. Fox Mulder's 'I Want To Believe' Poster
  76. Fox Mulder's F.B.I Badge
  77. Francesco Maria Guazzo's Hands of Glory
  78. Frankish Franscesca Throwing Axe
  79. Fred Patten's Glasses
  80. Frederick William I of Prussia's Fealty Sword
  81. Frederik van Eeden's Writing Desk
  82. French Unicorn and Griffin Tapestry (canon)
  83. Frey's Sword
  84. Frigg's Spinning Wheel
  85. Frostie's Pipe
  86. Ganesha's Broken Tusk
  87. General Store from Agloe, New York
  88. George Bernard Shaw's Academy Award & Nobel Prize
  89. George Ernest's Film Reel
  90. George Martin's Original Studio Master of "Rain"
  91. Ghosts of Christmas History's Robes
  92. Golden Scale
  93. Greased Lightning
  94. Grigory Vakulinchuk's Sailor Cap
  95. Guru Gobind Singh's Kachhera
  96. Guru Gobind Singh's Kara
  97. Guru Gobind Singh's Kirpan
  98. Guru Gobind Singh's Preserved Kesh
  99. Hades' Bident
  100. Halo Covenant Plasma Rifle
  101. Hank Aaron's Batting Equipment
  102. Harman Rundfunk Helmet (canon)
  103. Hat from The Harlem Shake
  104. Headlamp from Dagen H
  105. Headman's Mask from the Tower of London
  106. Headphones (canon)
  107. Heimdall's Trumpet
  108. Helmet and Greaves from Pompeii
  109. Hendrick Avercamp's Ice Skating Shoes
  110. Henrietta Robinson's Shawl
  111. Henry Brown's Wooden Crate
  112. Henry Geber's Glass Figurines
  113. Heraclitus' Knucklebones
  114. Herbert Morrison's Microphone
  115. Hermann von Helmholtz's Research Papers
  116. Herny Every's Parasol
  117. Hero and Leander's Lamp
  118. Hillary and Tenzing's Climbing Googles
  119. Honoré Daumier's Canvas
  120. Human Borescope
  121. Idina Mendzel's Broomstick
  122. Igor Sikorsky's Helicopter
  123. Inari's Jewel
  124. Indiana Jones' Whip
  125. Issac Babbitt's Smelting Cast
  126. Its Floating Balloons
  127. Ixtab's Noose
  128. Jack Ryan's Wrench
  129. Jack Sparrow's Compass
  130. Jadeite Cabbage
  131. Jamal White's Hosting Chair
  132. James Earl Ray's Rifle
  133. Jason Voorhese's Machete
  134. Jeff Dunham's First Ventriloquist Box
  135. Jester's Mask
  136. Jesus Christ's 3 Crucifixion Nails
  137. Jesus Christ's Crown of Thorns
  138. Jet Engine from the Gimli Glider
  139. Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza
  140. Jim Davis' Pet Carrier
  141. Jim Robinson's Army Bag /
  142. Jin Dynasty Chainwhip
  143. John A.F. Maitland's Musical Brainnumber (canon)
  144. John Hancock's Quill
  145. John Rambo's Composite Bow
  146. John Rykener's Ring
  147. John Steinbeck's Luger
  148. John Wilkes Booth Wanted Poster
  149. Johnny Depp's Scissor Gloves
  150. Johnny Smith's Steering Wheel
  151. Joseph Jacquard's Analytical Loom
  152. Karl Benz's Toolbox /
  153. Kenneth Lamar Noid's Pizza Box
  154. Kevin Antoine Dodson's Bandana
  155. Kimberly Wilkins' Bandana
  156. Klaas Aperture (canon)
  157. Krzysztof Kieślowski's French Flag
  158. Kublia Khan's Leather Belt
  159. Kurt Cobain's Rug
  160. Kurt Cobain's Sweater
  161. L. Ron Hubbard's "E-Meter" Electropsychometer
  162. Lady Lovibond
  163. Lance Armstrong's Trek Bicycle
  164. Lara Croft's Holdsters
  165. Lily Tomlin's Rocking Chair
  166. Lisa del Giocondo's Teeth
  167. Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird"
  168. Loki's Feather Cape
  169. Lone Rangers Mask
  170. Lord Alfred Tennyson's Cracked Mirror
  171. Louis Chevrolet's Helmet
  172. Louis Pasteur's Flask
  173. Lucy's Diamonds
  174. M.R. James' Glasses
  175. Madame Bobin's Coffin
  176. Madeleine L'Engle's Brooch
  177. Mafia Knuckle Dusters
  178. Manco Cápac's Staff
  179. Mandala Tapestry
  180. Mao Gong Ding
  181. Maori Warrior Masks
  182. Mark Antokolsky's Mephistopheles
  183. Mars' Axe
  184. Martin Fullam's Jacket
  185. Marvin Heemeyer's Welding Helmet
  186. Mary I of England's Tea Cup
  187. Mary Worth's Mirror
  188. Masao Asano's Racing Car '42'
  189. Max Baer's Shorts (canon)
  190. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
  191. Maya Angelou's Bell
  192. Maya Angelou's Church Hat
  193. Meat-Shaped Stone
  194. Michael Crichton's Rough Draft of Jurassic Park
  195. Michael Meyer's Kitchen Knife
  196. Michiel de Ruyter's Crest
  197. Michigan Highway 185 Highway Shield
  198. Milk Drinking Hindu Statues
  199. Minerva's Helm
  200. Ming Vase
  201. Mirrors from the Luxor Hotel
  202. Molotovs from Stalingrad
  203. Mona Lisa's Wooden Teeth (canon)
  204. Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi's Mortar & Pestle
  205. Nathuram Godse's Pistol
  206. Naughty/Nice List
  207. Necklace of Montezuma
  208. Neith's Loom
  209. Nero's Stretching Rack
  210. Nick's Lemon Chrysoprase Girdle
  211. Ninigi-no-Mikoto's Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi
  212. Ninigi-no-Mikoto's Yata no Kagami (Mirror of Truth)
  213. O. H. Kahn's Piggy Bank (canon)
  214. O.J. Simpson's Ford Bronco
  215. Original Copy of "I, Libertine"
  216. Original Howdy Doody Marionette
  217. Original Pledge Lemon Scented Spray
  218. Original Seven League Boots
  219. Original Swear Jar
  220. Orson Welles' Microphone
  221. Orville Wright's Bicycle
  222. Osama Bin Laden's Shell Casings
  223. Otis Barton's Bathysphere
  224. Ozzy Osbourne's Amp (canon)
  225. Pablo Escobar's Speedboat
  226. Paul Broca's Surgical Scissors
  227. Peter Pan's Tunic
  228. Peter the Great's Cape
  229. Philipe Pinel's Quill Pen
  230. Phone Booth from the Mojave Desert
  231. Pierre Batcheff's Bicycle
  232. Pierre le Grand's Gallons
  233. Piltdown Man Skull
  234. Pistol from the USS Maine
  235. Pius Device (canon)
  236. Plaque from the Kunta Kinte Memorial
  237. Plutus' Key
  238. Pol Pot's Punji Sticks
  239. Polybius' Scytale
  240. Pope John Paul II's Assassination Bullet
  241. Pope John Paul II's Papal Tiara
  242. Poseidon's Conch
  243. Potatoes from the Great Irish Famine
  244. Princess Kaguya's Bamboo Chute
  245. Pwyll's Bag
  246. Qing Dynasty Vase (canon)
  247. R. Budd Dwyer's Manila Envelope
  248. Raijin's Drum
  249. Raphael's Canvas
  250. Ray Harryhausen Model Collection
  251. Ray Price’s Wheelie Bar /
  252. Reanimating Shrunken Head (canon)
  253. Red Clown Nose
  254. Red Flag from the Potemkin
  255. Red Monogrammed Tie
  256. Red Velvet Swing (canon)
  257. Reviving Pacemaker
  258. Rhett and Link's Clothes Rack /
  259. Richard F. Gordon Jr's Spacesuit Helmet
  260. Richtofen's Wunderwaffen
  261. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Band Instruments
  262. Rob Nen's Baseball Glove
  263. Robert Crisp's Cricket Bat
  264. Robin William's Microphone
  265. Rock from the Cave of the Winds
  266. Rollie Free’s Showercap and Speedo /
  267. Roseland Ballroom Marquee (canon)
  268. Roy Fransen's Diving Board (canon)
  269. Roy L. Dennis's Yearbook
  270. Rudolf Koch's Font Design Papers
  271. Saint Paul's Cross-Hilted Sword
  272. Saint Paul's Letter
  273. Saint Peter's 2 Keys
  274. Saint Peter's Sword
  275. Saint Sebastion's Arrow
  276. Sarah Osbourne's Dress
  277. Saturn V
  278. Sergio Corbucci's Personal Script of Django
  279. Sessue Hayakawa’s Pierce Arrow
  280. Sessue Hayakawa’s Pierce Arrow /
  281. Sharicite Pendants
  282. Shigeru Miyamoto's Keyboard
  283. Shizou Kakutani's Geometry Set (canon)
  284. Silk Sash of Mulan
  285. Sinon's Helmet
  286. Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield's Prototype EMT Scanner
  287. Sir Mix-A-Lot's Bling Ring
  288. Sopdet's Star
  289. Souvenir Ashtray (canon)
  290. SpaceShipOne
  291. SS Violet, Griffon
  292. St. Stephen's Church Weather Vane
  293. Stage Door from CBGB's (canon)
  294. Statues from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
  295. Statues of Castor and Pollux (canon)
  296. Stingy Jack's Turnip Lantern
  297. Stolen Arm of Shiva
  298. Stone of Truth
  299. Susanoo's Totsuka-no-Tsurugi (Sword of Strength)
  300. Suzanne Oldsworth's Silver Thimble (canon)
  301. Sweeny Todd's Barber Shop Razor
  302. Taranis' Wheel /
  303. The Comfy Chair
  304. The Hands Resist Him
  305. The Magna Carta
  306. The One the Got Away (canon)
  307. The Sea Cat
  308. The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back (canon)
  309. Theophilus of Adana's Contract Seal
  310. Thetis' Necklace /
  311. Tibetian Chimes
  312. Tiles from the Orleans Parish Women's Prison
  313. Titus Salt's Ottoman
  314. Tomb of Genghis Khan
  315. Trading Cards of the 2008 Detroit Lions Team
  316. Trismegistos' Emerald Tablets
  317. Typhon's Scale
  318. Tyr's Right Hand
  319. Umar ibn Al-Khatt's Sword
  320. Union Pacific Big Boy
  321. Väinämöinen's Boat
  322. Val Johnson's Police Car
  323. Venus' Shell
  324. Vesta's Threshold
  325. Victor Lustig's Money Box
  326. Victoria Page's Red Shoes *
  327. Vishnu's Shankha /
  328. Vladimir Nabokov's Notecards
  329. Volta Press (canon)
  330. Von Dutch’s Pin Striping Brush /
  331. Watergate Scandal Lock Picks /
  332. William Golding's Pen
  333. William Irving's 'Bowling Pins'
  334. William the Silent's Helmet
  335. Wilt Chamberlain's Shoes
  336. Zayd ibn Thabit's Texts
  337. Zeus' Lighting Bolt

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