Warning: Not to be confused with the Hoax Foyer or the Convention Aisle

Contains artifacts that have been created by the belief of a urban legend, (myth) the Tulpa Effect, such as a CreepyPasta.

The Tulpa Effect has been identified in the database as a newer form of artifact creation. This happens when a thought becomes reality when different people contrubute to the new "Urban Legend" until a artifact from that thought form is created. But some Urban Legends that have been told have come from artifacts that have similar effects.

Artifacts in StorageEdit


This aisle holds a lot of artifacts that stem from Japanese Folklore.

  • Fujiwara no Hidesato's Bag of Rice
  • Matsuyama's Mirror
  • Visu the Woodsman's Axe
  • Kuchisake-onna's Facemask

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