A piece of Claudia-tech.


Looks like a legal "The Winged Dragon of Ra" Yu-Gi-Oh! card. The picture on the front can move, as it is in fact an L.E.D. screen with a 'Ra' shaped AI avatar.


Claudia created this piece as a security device at Aden's request as a birthday present to his colleague, Agent Tyler Lepido.


Acts as security system for the H.A.R.P. apartment. The Ra depicted on the screen can move, and behaves much like an eagle. This is merely a simulation of behaviour, as it is in fact a sophisticated AI created and programmed by Claudia Donovan. It is capable ofresponding to basic commands via a mic disguised as the 'level stars' and can see with a small camera placedwhere the 'attribute' symbol is. 

If an intruder is detected, it emits a loud shriek (transmitted by connecting wirelessly to speakers in the room it is in) and locks down all doors and windows by sending a wireless signal to the locking mechanisms in the building. If it is removed from its holster while in alarm mode, it can ignite the magnesium powder stored under the screen to burn and momentarily startle the aggressor.

To keep functioning, it is kept in a holster designed to resemble a picture frame, giving it the appearance of a desk ornament to the casual observer.