Weeping Angel Prop from Doctor Who


Doctor Who


Statue Prop


Transports the user back in time.


See effects


Proximity to the statue

Collected by

Warehouse 13


The Dark Vault

Date of Collection

October 4, 2009


Origin Edit

In Doctor Who, a popular TV program on BBC, the Weeping Angels are an alien species that only move when no one is looking and can transport people back in time. This particular prop absorbed the fear it created when it appeared on the show.

Effects Edit

The statue prop has similar powers to the Weeping Angels. When touched, it sends them back in time and feeds on the years that they should have lived. It was moved to the Dark Vault, and neutralizer lights were placed near it to keep it from moving. In case the lights went out, there were back-ups.

Collection Edit

This artifact was collected from an avid fan of Doctor Who. He had bought the statue from an online auction and placed it in his front yard. What he didn't realize, however, was that the statue sent people back in time at night. The warehouse agents removed the statue from the fan's premises and sent it to the Dark Vault, where it was bathed in Neutralizer lights.

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